The Annals of Leto Pirinic - Entry Forty

I got back to the Inn and it appeared that Calme was not about. I met up with my companions and we stopped to take a drink in the tap room and were offered some cake by the grateful people of Red Larch, although they cast side long looks at Romeo. I guess his speech did not make him any friends.

As we were chatting Michael approached us and said he would like to talk to us all, without Springrise. Seemed a little rude if you asked me, but Springrise did not appear to take offense and rose like the Spring and headed for his rooms, bidding us a goodnight on his way.

Michael asked if any of us thought Springrise’s behaviour was odd since he had met with Father Calme. I expressed that I personally did not know him that well and so I preferred to reserve judgement over his oddity. Hoss asked how it was odd and then declared that he thought Bahamut was one of the Ancients and so Springrise’s reverence for him did not seem out of place to him. Michael said that he would pray to Ilmater for magics that would help Springrise if he had been afflicted in someway. If Calme is involved somehow I am almost certain he has been.

Hoss was shocked to say the least over learning that MIchael had magic to priestly magics and felt guilty at having misjudged him so badly.

We headed for bed neglecting to setup another watch, luckily for us the night passed without incident. We rose the next morning and headed down to breakfast. When I saw Michael enter the tap room I engaged Springrise in conversation, so as to keep him distracted. Michael moved up behind him, while Springrise explained a little of what he did in the Feywild and he was just telling me how his opposite a Human Ranger called Teller guarded one side of the gate and he the other, when Michael grabbed him by the head and called out to Ilmater to dispel the evil afflicting this poor soul.

The magic washed over Springrise and he looked confused for a moment and then he became noticeably clearer eyed. I continued to speak to him, “so you mentioned you partnered called Teller?”

“umm, yes he was a Ranger a Human. But wait more importantly, I remember now, when I saw Father Calme in the temple. It wasn’t him. It was an Illusion and when I fell through it he said I should not have done that and he laid a curse on me that modified my memory. There is something else that is different as well, another memory that is not the same, something from my past.”

Norkas stepped forward and demanded to know where that “Bastard Teller” was? They agreed that they would discuss that in more detail later. I will also ask him about the other modified memory, but as that appears to have belonged to a time before we met it does not seem relevant at this time.

This on top of all that had gone before was enough to sway the whole group into agreeing that we must confront Father Calme. Hoss suggested that we needed to immediately wrest power of the town from Father Calme and that he should be appointed in his stead. I have never seen Hoss suggest that he take responsibility for something before. It is most unnerving, he is also at the top of a long list of people I would not trust to organise a revelry in a feast hall, he and Romeo vie for the number one position on almost daily basis, sometimes hourly.

At this point Springrise, indicated that he believed Hoss to also be under some kind of curse and so Michael called upon the blessing of Ilmater to cure him too. After which Hoss seemed more like his usual self.

We discussed the idea of confronting Calme and the others felt it might be useful to have a Sorceress of power with us and suggested we bring Meridia with us. I did not disagree with them, but I did point out that she seemed to be far more on the side of Calme than she was on my side. She could prove to be a double edged sword if she sides against us in the coming “conversation”. We determined it to be worth the risk, so we took a stroll down to the cottage and spoke with Meridia about coming with us to discuss the ritual. To which she said sure thing let me get Kaira. Now that was not what I had planned at all.

As we walked down to temple I dropped back and walked with my sister. I subtle cast up the message spell and told her to take this Amulet and put it on and do not remove it until I told her to, just in case something should go wrong. Then I passed her the Control Amulet for Felicity, at least this way she we have some level of protection if things kick off.

We arrived as Calme was finishing up services. Norkas, who was invisible slipped into the temple and we followed once the place was cleared out. We entered and Calme indicated to Meridia to close the door, and she did and placed a locking bar across it. One others asked if locking the door was necessary.

Calme asked if we were here to carry out the ritual, I told him once again that I was not prepared to engage in the ritual until someone explained the damn thing to me in detail. He told me that Meridia, had explained it, I told him that she explained something, but it was not a sufficient explanation. I proceeded to quiz on aspect of the ritual to which he was very evasive and I could tell was beginning to lose his patience. At one point he just turned and said can you not just do it and trust me. There lies the problem I do not trust him.

He asked if we were capable of casting a Zone of Truth, we answered in the affirmative and he offered to stand in one and answer my question if I would do the ritual. I told him I would not agree to that, as both he and I know the limitations, of what is quite a low powered and basic magic. He dropped the pre-agreement requirement and we cast up the Zone of Truth and Romeo indicated that it was in effect.

Calme made two statements. One, the ritual would require a small teacup full of my blood and beyond that no harm would come to me and my sister. Two, the nightmares would cease. He then asked if that was enough for me to carry out the ritual.

My thoughts were. One, it might cost us a cup of blood but what would be the cost to my companions or the rest of the world? Two, that could just mean you will stop inflicting the nightmares on people, easy to achieve when you are the source.

I told him categorically that was not, and even Springrise agreed that you could not get much more vague than that. We questioned him more and he revealed that the rituals true purpose was to retrieve a stick.

I glanced back at Meridia, she was watching Calme with a besotted rapture, but she was also sweating profusely, like some part of her was battling a powerful enchantment.

Then Calme grabbed Hoss by the throat and turning to look at me he said:

“I will kill him if you do not go through with the ritual.”

I glanced to my left and saw Springrise reaching for the necklace at his throat. I am impressed he managed to get hold of Hoss. I readied myself, if he wants a cup of my blood, he is going to have to take it against my will, unless I can come up with something clever…..

The Annals of Leto Pirinic - Entry Forty

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