The Annals of Leto Pirinic - Entry Thirty Nine

I headed down the stairs and out into the courtyard in front of the Inn and hurled a Firebolt at one of the Vrock, slightly surprised that I missed. I began to advance towards the one in combat with Agamemnon and Dawnbeak. I am fairly certain it saw me and decided to run, it took off further into the town. I summoned my magic and made myself faster while shouting to Dawnbeak to go after the thing.

Today was a day of surprises. Dawnbeak listened to me and obeyed. I hurled curses after the Vrock using my new found ability to speak Abyssal. It got really quite offended and hurled back baseless threats, which I countered with more abuse. I even offered to reserve it a table for when it comes back after I have killed it, if it would just let me know when to expect it.

At this point it grabbed one of the civilians and flew up onto one of the roofs. I was preparing to step out and throw Azuredge and put an end to the stupid creature when it suddenly found itself surround by my companions and killed by diverse means.

Unfortunately it dropped the civilian and Dawnbeak try to catch her but she missed. Luckily the civilian suffered little more than a severe sprain. Come to think of it she probably would have been far worse off if Dawnbeak had caught her.

Hoss gave her medical attention and the others saw to the dead while Agamemnon and I went in search of something we could use a stretcher to move the lady who fell off the roof. I personally believed that we should take her to Father Calme so that he could heal her. Secretly I wondered if he even could perform healing magics, I hear the Priests of some of the darker cults don’t have access to the Divine healing magics.

I also pointed out to my companions that it was convenient timing for Father Calme to send off Sir Axel and his troops only for the Town to come under attack in their absence. Springrise informed that Calme would never do that and that he is too good a man, to which I told him to “Shut Up.”

Calme appeared and went around the square before climbing up on a box and addressing the crowd. He spoke of the mounting evil and the loss of life and how it was becoming more and more vital that the ritual to rid this evil be carried out. I knew what he was getting at, and I once more loudly and clearly informed him that he needs to tell me a damn sight more about this ritual before I would be willing to take part in it.

In the meantime Romeo had been precariously stacking boxes, which he now climbed atop making himself higher than Father Calme. I hear that in Tethyr, when two wizards duel if they are of equal power the one with the highest altar wins. Maybe this was what Romeo was trying to achieve. Sadly his argument while compelling and from what I can tell absolutely true, that Father Calme is a corrupt liar, fell on deaf ears and was easily countered by Father Calme. Calme’s talents of persuasion are very well developed, one could even accuse him of being allied to one of the powers that make deception their specialty. I think it helped that as with all good lies it was built on a kernel of truth, that being that Romeo is delusional and overcome by paranoia and madness.

Father Calme approached me and asked if I would like to discuss the Ritual in the Inn where I was staying. I said sure in a little bit and waited for him to enter the Inn. Then I called Dawnbeak to me mounted up and flew off. The expression on my companions faces was quite priceless, they seemed uncertain as to whether I was coming back.

By wing it took little more than a minute to reach my sisters cottage. I walked up to the door and knocked. Aunt Meridia answered the door and looked out cautiously. I explained about the attack and how I came here to make sure they were okay, although I am pretty certain that Meridia can handle herself well enough.

I told Meridia that Father Calme was using tonight’s attack to leverage popular support for carrying out the ritual, essentially trying to guilt us into thinking the ritual was necessary. She defended him as I am coming to expect from the people of Red Larch. She tried to then explain to me how Abyssal energy was drawn to me and my twin and that anywhere we stayed too long the barriers between the dimension would become thinned and that my frequent travels had stopped this from happening to me. I hid my astonishment well.

What she was saying was utter non-sense, it ran totally counter to all that my Grandfather had taught me and I had assumed her before me, but apparently not. The metaphysical nature of the Weave did not allow for that kind of weakening of the Planar barriers. The planes are the specific domains of the divinities and other such creatures and only they can influence the barriers. Only through the interaction of a gate and the Weave could a breach occur. Some creatures had a natural ability to spontaneously gate through, but normally gates could only be created via specific ritual or powerful magic.

And there it was, at least I think I know what is going on now. The ritual is not a cleansing, its purpose is not to break our connection to the Abyss but to use our blood connection to a specific being in the opening of a permanent gate or the summoning of said person to the Realms. Gulp had warned me that my twin and I coming together would fulfil some kind of ancient purpose.

Damn it.

I got up and bid her a good night and mounted Dawnbeak, who in another surprise was where I had left her.

I flew into the air and headed off to meet with Father Calme and be lied too some more.

The Annals of Leto Pirinic - Entry Thirty Nine

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